The Institute of Public Health of Chile (ISP), together with the Ministry of Health of Chile and the Pan American Health Organization PAHO/WHO are organizing the XV International Meeting of Pharmacovigilance of the Americas. The event will be held on October 11th and 12th, 2018.

This event is an open call that brings together: the regulatory agencies of the Americas region, PAHO/WHO, health professionals, healthcare centers, the academy and the pharmaceutical industry, with the objective of discussing mainly, issues related to pharmacovigilance, safety and rational use of medicines. The realization of these annual meetings, have generated great impact on drug safety issues, allowing the strengthening of pharmacovigilance activities in the countries of the region. The first eight versions of these meetings took place in Colombia. Since 2012, this event has rotated through different countries of the region, including: Brazil, Peru and Panama. This year and for the first time, Chile was chosen to host this important meeting, a unique instance to listen to important pharmacovigilance experts.

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