On Tuesday, December 5th, the Caribbean Public Health Agency/Caribbean Regulatory System (CARPHA/CRS) recommended its 15th medicine for marketing authorization/import permit in the CARICOM block of countries. The product, Efavirenz, Emtricitabine, and Tenofovir (600/200/300mg), is listed on the WHO Essential Medicine List and is a first line treatment according to WHO HIV treatment guidelines. The initiative is intended to strengthen regulation in these small states, which are primarily comprised of the English speaking Caribbean, plus the French and Dutch speaking Haiti and Suriname, respectively. In addition to the focus on marketing authorization, the CRS also helps countries monitor medicines in the market by setting up a regional reporting system. To date, it has received over 70 reports, including for substandard and falsified medicines. For more information on the CARPHA/CRS please visit the website at: http://carpha.org/What-We-Do/Laboratory-Services-and-Networks/CRS