The National Agency of Health Regulation, Control and Surveillance (Arcsa) informs the Ecuadorian population of the alert published by the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) of Argentina, which informs the population that has been detected the existence of medicinal specialties:

• COPAXONE 40 mg / ml, active ingredient Glatiramer Acetate. Lot C42234. Exp. 04/2018.
• TASIGNA, active ingredient Nilotinib Chloride 200 mg, 112 capsules. Lot SF432. Exp 06/2019.
• AVASTIN, active ingredient Bevacizumab 400 mg / ml, per 1 vial for I.V. after dissolution. Lot H179810. Exp. 02/2018.
• KIVEXA for 30 coated tablets, orally. Lot KC7W. Exp. 10/2019.

The warning arises as a result of having conducted a series of raids in different cities of Argentina, during which units were removed from the items detailed in sample character. After the relevant verifications were made to the respective registry holders, it could be verified that they are illegitimate.

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