Healthcare professionals including hematologists, oncologists, hospital and oncology pharmacists, and cancer clinic staff

Key Messages

  • Serious and fatal adverse reactions including “gasping syndrome” can occur in pediatric patients, particularly in neonates and infants treated with BLINCYTO containing benzyl alcohol as a preservative.
  • BLINCYTO has recently been authorized with an additional option of preparing a 7-day infusion bag containing benzyl alcohol for patients weighing greater than or equal to 22 kg.  It is not recommended for use in patients weighing less than 22 kg.
  • When preparing bags of BLINCYTO solution for infusion in neonates, infants and patients weighing less than 22 kg, healthcare professionals are advised to only utilize preservative-free saline.
  • The Canadian Product Monograph has been updated to reflect this new safety information

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