The ANMAT, National Regulatory Authority of Argentina, informs the population that the existence of counterfeit lots of the following medicinal specialties has been detected:

  • ISENTRESS Raltegravir 400 mg, for 60 coated tablets. Lot ARG0324 / L026309 vto. ABR / 2018.
  • PERUGE Pertuzumab 420 mg / 14 ml, for 1 concentrated vial for solution for infusion. Lot H0109918 vto. 10/2019.
  • VIRORREBER 600 Efavirenz 600 mg, for 30 coated tablets. Lot MEG35IK4 Vto. 02/19.

The warning arises as a result of having carried out a series of inspections in different cities of the country, during which units of the items detailed in sample were withdrawn. After the relevant verification were made to the respective marketing authorization holders, it could be verified that they are illegitimate.

Because of the above, and taking into account that the other units in question could have a valid expiration date and could be found in the market, the population is warned to refrain from consuming them and, if they have any of them in their possession, contact the “ANMAT Responde” Program (toll free: 0-800-333-1234; mail:

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