The director (s) of the Institute of Public Health of Chile (ISP), Dra. Judith Mora, signed on Wednesday October 10 an agreement with the Spanish Agency of medicines and health products, (AEMPS), through his representative the Dr Ramón Palop, Chief of the Management Support Unit of this organization. The objective of the agreement is to promote cooperation on products subject to sanitary control between both countries.

The agreement also seeks to promote understanding among the signatories on their respective regulatory frameworks, requirements and processes, facilitate the exchange of information and documents related to the regulation of products subject to sanitary control, promote the development of collaborative activities among signatories and improve the capacity of signatories in the provision of services related to public health, in order to meet the needs of their respective populations.

Likewise, this agreement is intended to cover all types of products regulated by both agencies and allows for significant cooperation between them. These products include medicines, cosmetics, personal hygiene and medical devices, among others.

The activities included in the framework of the cooperation itself or in the specific work project plan will be prepared by mutual agreement and with annual review, communication channels will be established to facilitate the exchange of information on the regulation of products subject to sanitary control. each signer, including: policies, practices, standards, laboratory analysis, pre-marketing evaluation, post-marketing surveillance, regulation of producers, clinical trials and products subject to sanitary control.