The Secretary of Health, José Narro Robles, spearheaded the launching of the Sixteenth Package of Generic Drugs, within which four active substances were released, allowing 50 quality, safe and low-cost medicines to enter the market.

Accompanied by the head of the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS), Julio Sánchez and Tépoz, and the presidents of the National Association of Manufacturers of Medicines and the National Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Dagoberto Cortés Cervantes and Guillermo Funes Rodríguez, respectively, Narro Robles stressed that the generic market has allowed savings of 26 thousand 102 million pesos.

He specified that with the Strategy for the Release of Generic Drugs for the Saving of Families, quality drugs are offered at low cost, to address the main diseases that afflict the population.

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