Dr. Reina Leonor Morales de Acosta, National Director of Drugs and Lic. Juan Ernesto Machón, President of the College of Chemists and Pharmacists of El Salvador, signed this day an Inter-institutional Cooperation Agreement in order to achieve and maintain a better execution of its responsibilities, especially those related to the scientific and academic field applied to pharmaceutical regulation.

The agreement also includes cooperation in aspects related to the promotion of pharmaceutical regulation and its regulation, and in particular to the promotion of the rational use of medicines.
In this instrument, it is agreed to establish a mechanism of technical and logistic cooperation among the signatory institutions, in order to achieve the proposed objectives, which include the training and execution of scientific and academic activities. To this end, a work plan will be drawn up jointly between the parties.

Both institutions will coordinate the execution of the necessary events and activities that provide scientific and academic results. These results should be aimed at strengthening and strengthening the regulatory and educational capacities in the pharmaceutical-health field.
In addition, the signatory institutions will be responsible for the dissemination of the results resulting from said scientific and academic activities related to the object of this agreement.

More information by the link: http://www.medicamentos.gob.sv/index.php/es/secciones-m/noticias-dnm/257-convenio-interinstitucional