The project  titled “Assessing Certificate of Pharmaceutical Prodcut (CPP) requirements for drug registration processes in the Region of the Americas towards more timely access to medicines and more convergent regulatory approaches” was the first project approved by the Pan American Network for Drug Regulatory Harmonization (PANDRH) Steering Committee to be jointly conducted by a NRA and a pharmaceutical industry association, CECMED (Cuba) and FIFARMA, respectively.

Its preliminary results were presented during the 2020 DIA Global Conference in June, including information of 27 countries of the Americas. The final report is expected for the upcoming months, which will contribute to the ongoing international discussions for the revision of the Certification Scheme on the quality of pharmaceutical products moving in international commerce.

The development of the CPP Project in PANDRH was initially proposed by FIFARMA and promptly sponsored by CECMED. The work and dedication of the Cuban NRA to the Project have been instrumental for the results achieved so far. This level of engagement was only possible because of the endorsement and outstanding collaboration offered by CECMED’s former Director, Dr Rafael Pérez Cristiá, who greatly contributed to global health work, advancing regulatory strengthening and fostering regional cooperation among NRAs in the Region.


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