On Friday, December 23, the Institute of Public Health of Chile (ISP), participated in the Forum of Cooperation between Korea and Chile for the Health Industry, organized by the Embassy of the Republic of South Korea together with the Institute of Development of Korea Health Industry (KHIDI) at the Hyatt Centric hotel.
The objective of the forum was to share the current state of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical devices (DM) industry, in both countries, in addition to the exchange of information among the participants to strengthen the benefits of the cooperation that exists between South Korea and Chile. .
The South Korean authorities referred to issues of import, export and growth in medicines, cosmetics and medical devices. While the ISP referred to issues on health registration in Chile, innovation in the area of ​​cosmetics, the legal framework of medical devices and the amendment to the Health Code, known as the “Law of Drugs II.”

Source: http://www.ispch.cl/noticia/27429