Health specialists and regulatory affairs from around the world will meet from November 27 to 29 at Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City, to share knowledge and experiences about current and future threats to global health, the role of Regulatory Science and Good Health Regulatory Practices to achieve Universal Health Coverage through innovation, harmonization and regulatory convergence; dissemination and use of internationally recognized standards, learning, training and exchange of experiences in regulation and health practices.



  • Share the experiences of harmonization and regulatory convergence.
  • Update the progress of Regulatory Science and Good Regulatory Practices of other countries and regional and international regulatory networks.
  • Promote the population’s access to safer, more efficient and high quality products, improve the quality of health services, and promote the prevention of diseases.
  • Improve cooperation and dissemination of knowledge of Regulatory Science and Good Regulatory Practices for access to health products and technologies, innovation in new therapies or related technologies, thus improving the current regulatory environment.

1. Emerging global threats to health.
2. Regulatory science and its contribution to health.
3. Harmonization, convergence, trust and international standards.
4. Policy and good regulatory practices.
5. Professional competences for regulatory professionals.


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