The U. S. Food and Drug Administration released Advancing Health through Innovation: New Drug Therapy Approvals of 2017, a summary of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research’s (CDER’s) 2017 important new drug approvals that serve to advance public health. These new approvals will benefit patients affected by a wide range of rare diseases, neurological conditions, infectious diseases, cancers, and many other medical conditions.

This report also emphasizes the many innovative regulatory tools CDER uses to enhance our efficiency and expedite the review and approval of drug therapies never marketed in the U.S., and explains how CDER’s expansive and collaborative work with a wide range of stakeholders in the scientific, medical, and patient-centered communities is a vital form of external engagement necessary to advance the scientific work that supports our drug therapy approvals.

To learn more, please visit: New Drug Approvals and Other Drug Therapy Advances of 2017 Report.