DPI, Guyana, Thursday, January 18, 2018

With aims to make business registration stress-free for commercial owners throughout Guyana, Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin said his ministry is working to establish four more business registration hubs in Regions One, Five, Six, and Ten, this year.

Dominic Gaskin, Minister of Business.

The decision to establish the hubs is a short-term solution to assist business owners in these regions. According to the Minister, several complaints were lodged by commercial owners regarding the cost and lengthy hours of travel to the city to register their businesses annually.

“We wanted to assist them (commercial owners) because the consequence of that is, a lot of businesses were simply not registering. If you are not registered, then you are excluded from a number of formal business activities, and you have to operate under the radar,” Minister Gaskin explained.

He added, “Businesses not registering formally increases the informal economy, which is something we do not want. In light of that, we derived this system that would allow us to get those businesses registered without them having to travel anywhere.”

In 2017, the Business Ministry opened a registration hub for enterprises in Lethem, Region Nine, and will soon commission another hub in Mahdia, Region Eight.

“We will do it in any region where the process of registering is burdensome, and result in businesses not being formally registered,” Minister Gaskin emphasised.


By: Crystal Stoll


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