Friday, January 19, 2018 – The restoration and conservation of murals and artwork created by renowned Guyanese artist, Aubrey Williams, will be integrated into the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation’s (CJIAC’s) expansion project.

One of new artwork that would be on display.

Mr. Williams’ masterpieces represented the rich culture and heritage of Guyana’s first inhabitants – the Indigenous Peoples (Amerindians).

In May 2017 an assessment of artwork, placed at strategic locations throughout the then terminal building, was conducted at the behest of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI) by the historical heritage watchdog – the National Trust of Guyana.

Following the National Trust’s recommendations, the Ministry proceeded to put measures in place to initiate the curative exercise.

“The significance of Mr. Williams’ works of art could not be disregarded. It was a part of the airport’s character,” said Hon. David Patterson, Minister of Public Infrastructure.

Additionally, new artwork conceptualized by some of the country’s talented artists will also be showcased in the new Arrival and Departure Terminals.

The majestic Kaieteur Falls, the country’s diverse ethnic cultures and historical sites and buildings will be among some of the pieces on show to captivate incoming and departing passengers. The expansion project contractor, China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) has included this exercise into its work programme.

“CJIAC is our main port of entry and promoting Guyana’s image begins as soon as passengers disembark the aircraft. Therefore, it is imperative that we pique their interest and fascination through art,” Hon. Patterson added.


The artwork is currently being restored.

One of Mr. Williams’ artwork before the restoration exercise.