The Standards and Regulations Division of the Ministry of Health, with support from Health Policy Plus (HP+), has published a Complaint Management System (CMS) Manual and Toolkit that is to inform the delivery of health services to the public.

With the Ministry’s increased focus on patient-centred care, the manual forms part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen its Client Complaint Mechanism (CCM) and overall CMS.

  • The CMS aims to improve the quality of service delivery in the public health sector by, among other things:
  • collecting feedback from internal and external clients;
  • providing a means for failures and/or complaints to be investigated; and
  • providing redress to clients.

This current manual is now aligned with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 9001, Quality Management Systems – Requirements (2008) and outlines clear processes for accessing, documenting, investigating and resolving customer complaints.

It also includes a monitoring and evaluation framework that ensures complaint data is captured for quality improvement activities and programme and policy development.

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